Andrea Hinterkoerner

QA Manager Financial Planning

Andrea has worked in Accounting Practices in various roles for over 25 years. Her experience includes accounting, tax returns, audit, book keeping and practice management. Andrea transferred from Accounting to Financial Planning in 2009, and has been an integral part of the Financial Planning team since that time. She has helped to  create the business that it is today – friendly, successful and very well regarded by those who have benefitted from their association.

“We know our clients well and we are always available to them”.

Andrea enjoys welcoming new clients into the fold. When a client first approaches the Financial Planning business for help, Andrea is the one who supports the Planner by beginning the groundwork, sorting through information, contacting providers, investigating financial products (and more) so that the Planner has the information needed to develop a strategy and then a Statement of Advice. Andrea then assists to implement the advice; often adjusting or setting up new Superannuation/Pension/Investment/Chess accounts.

An avid follower of the Stock Market since 1999, Andrea also enjoys keeping up to date with all things financial.

Andrea has 2 children, plays netball in her spare time, and is a passionate AFL and Rugby supporter.